FINd the perfect Home

Lease Purchase Homes in Amarillo, Tx

There are currently no homes available for lease purchase.

Let Leasing a Home

Help you Own a Home

The Option to buy:

  • Options starting at $1200 will reduce your monthly lease payment by $100 for every $1200 you pay.
  • If you choose to use your option it will be applied to the purchase of your new home.
  • The option gives you the chance to decide if the home you are leasing is the home for you.
  • Options are transferable to another of our “For Sale” properties if you choose.
  • If you decide not to take advantage of the option, you still win. The option fee will have reduced your monthly lease payment for a year, so your money still works for you.

Work on your credit as you rent:

  • Concerned about your credit? Let our preferred lender guide you in improving your credit score. Our preferred lender does not simply say yes or no in regards to your ability to purchase a home, but rather, what steps you can take to achieve your goal of home ownership.
  • Build better credit with our payment draft program.
  • Each month you lease earns an additional monthly credit of $350 per month; up to 12 months; towards the purchase of a new home from Experience Homes.

The Path To Your Next Home

Our desire is to help you achieve your goals, especially when finding the right home. Whether you are looking for a new home or a pre-owned home, we can help you discover your next home.