Home Trade-In Program

Save time and money

Let’s face it buying a new home can be a lot of work and stress. Questions like, “should we list our current home or wait until we find our new home?”, “How much time will we have to move once we find our new home?” Or even worse, you could get stuck making two mortgage payments, possibly for several months. Experience Homes may have a solution for you with our home trade in program. The way it works is we buy your current home on the same day you buy a new construction home from Experience Homes. In other words, we will trade your existing home for a new construction home!

Trade-In Process


Home Appraisal

The trade in process starts by having your existing home appraised to determine the value of the trade home. Don’t worry we pay for the appraisal! In fact, your trade property does not even have to be your personal home. We will consider any property you own for the trade in program.

Find your new home

You will choose your new home and sign a contract. We will give you time to move from your existing trade home to your newly built home. No rush to move in a few days or danger of multiple mortgage payments.

we buy your trade-in

Once your new construction home is complete Experience Homes will buy your trade property for up to 90% of the appraised value on the same day you purchase your new dream home. No need to pay realtor fees!

Trade-in Example

how it works

Trade-In Home

Your Current Home

  • Appraised value: $120,000
  • Up to 90% of appraised value: $110,400
  • Remaining mortgage: $80,000
  • Equity in Trade-in home: $110,400-$80,000 = $30,400
  • *If you used a realtor to sell your home you would pay approximately $7200 in realtor fees.

Construction Home

Your New Home

  • Sales Price: $299,000
  • Equity from Trade-in property: $30,400
  • No realtor fees
  • Plenty of time to move
  • No double mortgage payment

Let Us Help You Make Your

Dream Home a Reality

 At Experience Homes, we exploit the latest technology to build long-lasting homes that are built to suit your personal wants and needs. We have been able to make buying a new construction dream home a truly positive experience for many families with our trade in program. Call us today to determine if your existing home meets the requirements, not all homes are eligible for our trade in program.