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2021 Kitchen Backsplash Trends

By July 12, 2021Home

Popular Backsplash Designs For A First-Time Build, Renovation, Or Remodel

Homebuilding isn’t a process that necessarily ends once the property has been completed. Every couple of years, there will be something that must be replaced. Even the best materials will need to be replaced over time.

The process of home building can be continuous. With a new home that’s a custom build, there are new trends you might want to consider. Today something that’s popular is commissioning the construction of a new home that, when completed, you exchange for equity associated with a previous residence.

Depending on involved equity, this may cover the bill of construction costs; but it will depend on things like materials, location, modification, and customization. Still, companies that build new houses like Experience Homes offer this trade-in program to help new buyers who might not otherwise have the option. Going this route eliminates showings and dealer fees, there are never two mortgages, and the moving process isn’t truncated into a short time frame.

You can get everything moved as you like. Plus, you have the added bonus of decorating the property however you see fit in terms of customization. One place where this will really come into play is in the kitchen–especially as regards backsplash designs. Here we’ll briefly explore five 2021 trends in backsplash options:

  • Cloe Tile, White
  • Quartzite Or Marble
  • Different Geometrical Shapes
  • Textures That Challenge Convention
  • Colors That Are Calming, Diverse Tile Sizes


White Cloe Tile

A lot of people associate bright white colors with the hues of a dream home, and white Cloe tile is there to fulfill that vision. Subtle coloration differences and texture variations make this modern-looking backsplash option subtle and expressive all at once.

Quartzite Or Marble

Another favorite for any dream kitchen is quartzite and marble. There is an affordable opulence defining such backsplash designs. Both materials are durable and easy to clean. Especially for kitchens that have non-traditional color schemes, like those incorporating deep greens, this is a fine option for 2021.

Different Geometrical Shapes

You can also make backsplashes in your kitchen into unique shapes using tiles. In this way, fairly cost-effective tiling can be made into a little miniature art piece that directly matches your sensibilities.

Textures That Challenge Convention

Textures are a big part of what makes a backsplash aesthetically pleasing, and 2021 textures have a different sort of “flavor” than some years. Ceramic and porcelain are materials with unique, interesting textures that aren’t exceptionally costly. Find what works for you and your kitchen.

Colors That Are Calming, Diverse Tile Sizes

Tranquil blues, or the aforementioned deep green hues, tend to be calming colors excellent for the kitchen. Also, your backsplash arrangement doesn’t have to use tiles that are an inch square. You can have big or small tiles, and 2021 is a year where people are playing around with their options in detail, color, and style choices.

Perusing New And Favorite Backsplash Options

If you’re looking to build, remodel, or renovate your home, there are many trends to explore. For backsplashes, 2021 is seeing a lot of calming colors, diverse tile sizes, convention-challenging textures, geometric shapes, quartzite options, marble options, and white Cloe tile. What works for you?

Experience Homes in Amarillo Texas offers a home trade-in option where you can build your own house, trading equity of the previous property. If you’re building from the ground up, you might as well explore what sort of backsplash designs are available. To learn more about such interior options, or simply explore the costs of building a home, contact us at Experience Homes today!