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By May 11, 2018June 18th, 2019Buying Process

Pie. It’s an American classic and makes a great gift for just about any occasion. However, sometimes you just need a little something different for that best friend’s housewarming gifts. While they might appreciate a lovingly made pie (and who doesn’t), they’d probably appreciate something that would last a little longer. Here are seven great ideas for something you can make yourself that shows your friend just how much you care.


  1. Placemats

These are so easy to do with a little fabric and a little sewing know-how. Standard size is 18″ x 12″ so get a few yards of a nice sturdy fabric. Another option is a holiday theme or pick two fabrics and make them reversible.


  1. Terrarium

Living things make great gifts and this is an easy, low-maintenance option. Look for a glass enclosure and pick a few succulents or even a cactus or two. They go with every decor and show you put thought and effort into it.


  1. Picture Frame

Wooden picture frames are ideal for personalization. They can be painted, stained, covered with fabric or smaller wooden shapes. Add a picture of the two of you and you have a gift that will truly impress.


  1. Baking Kit

Mason jar gifts are all the rage. You can fill them with just about anything but a fun idea is a to put all the dry ingredients for cookies or brownies into one (along with the directions, of course). Add a ribbon and maybe include a pan to cook them. Bonus: The smell of baking will make that new house smell like home.


  1. DIY Gift Basket

Make a custom gift basket by assembling a group of themed objects and artfully arranging them in some type of useful container. Some options include hand tools in a toolbox, cleaning supplies in a bucket, and scented candles and towels on a bathroom tray.


  1. Throw Pillows

With a little fabric and some stuffing, you can make decorative throw pillows for your friend’s new place. Some styles don’t even need stitching, so there’s no need for a sewing machine or even needle and thread.


  1. Coasters

Help your friend keep their furniture protected and add a decorative element with a set of coasters. These can be made from standard items like laminated cardboard or fun foam shapes. For something really unique, try your hand at painting some squared-off pieces of shale or slate.


Handmade housewarming gifts are special and your friends are sure to treasure them forever. And when you’re ready to find that special place to call home for yourself, remember, Experience Homes has the expertise you need.

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