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How to pick the perfect paint colors for your home.

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How to pick the perfect paint colors for your home.

One of the most exciting things about getting a new home is getting to do things just how you like them. But picking paint colors can be a tough job. There are so many, where do you even start? Getting to know the color trends can make it a little easier. Maybe you have a particular look in mind or just want to exercise a little self-expression. Either way, you can use the 2021 trends to help get the right aesthetic for your new home.

Interior paint color

What better way to start thinking about your interior paint colors than by taking a look at the Pantone 2021 colors of the year. This year there are two: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, which is a bright yellow.  Grays are versatile neutrals that can complement just about any style and look perfect in any room. While yellows are a classic for kitchens. A bright yellow can also make a good accent color. You don’t necessarily need to go with these exact shades either, but it can be a good starting point.

Earth tone palettes are a very big trend this year. So many people have spent so much time indoors recently that anything that gives a nod to the great outdoors is a welcome sight. Greens, blues, and yellows are popular choices, but the big trend for earth tones this year is brown.

Along with dark brown, other fall colors like purple are popular right now too. Especially some of the bolder, more saturated, and luxurious-looking shades. A good example is Aubergine, a brownish-purple color. These colors are usually too intense for an entire room, but they can make a great accent wall or accent color in decor. If you have an accent color or two you would love to have in the room, you can work from there and look at wall colors that would work with them.

Exterior color

When picking exterior colors, you’ll want to consider the curb appeal of your home, or how it will look from the street. For this reason, most people don’t want to go overboard with something too bold. You’ll want to consider the window color and roof color too when making your exterior color choices.

Those can’t be easily changed and you don’t want anything visually offensive that makes your home look like an eyesore rather than stylish. White or other neutrals are always a popular choice, you can avoid looking too average by picking a trim color that is bold or dark. It’s the perfect spot to work in some color.

Neutrals and blue

If you absolutely aren’t sure what to go with, pick a neutral. They’re popular for a reason. And they work both inside and out.

Another color that is almost universally appealing is blue. It’s a calm and soothing color that also works inside and out. For that reason, it’s a popular choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. This year’s trendiest shades like turquoise and sapphire can provide a pop of color to your interior

If you need a change of scenery and are looking for more than just a simple “freshen up” of your current home, a home trade-in program is a unique option to help get you into your dream home quickly with no realtor fees, and no worries about two mortgage payments or moving out before you’re ready.

Call Experience Homes, professional home builders in Amarillo TX to trade in your old home, or build a new one and start dreaming of your perfect colors now.

2021 Kitchen Backsplash Trends

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Popular Backsplash Designs For A First-Time Build, Renovation, Or Remodel

Homebuilding isn’t a process that necessarily ends once the property has been completed. Every couple of years, there will be something that must be replaced. Even the best materials will need to be replaced over time.

The process of home building can be continuous. With a new home that’s a custom build, there are new trends you might want to consider. Today something that’s popular is commissioning the construction of a new home that, when completed, you exchange for equity associated with a previous residence.

Depending on involved equity, this may cover the bill of construction costs; but it will depend on things like materials, location, modification, and customization. Still, companies that build new houses like Experience Homes offer this trade-in program to help new buyers who might not otherwise have the option. Going this route eliminates showings and dealer fees, there are never two mortgages, and the moving process isn’t truncated into a short time frame.

You can get everything moved as you like. Plus, you have the added bonus of decorating the property however you see fit in terms of customization. One place where this will really come into play is in the kitchen–especially as regards backsplash designs. Here we’ll briefly explore five 2021 trends in backsplash options:

  • Cloe Tile, White
  • Quartzite Or Marble
  • Different Geometrical Shapes
  • Textures That Challenge Convention
  • Colors That Are Calming, Diverse Tile Sizes


White Cloe Tile

A lot of people associate bright white colors with the hues of a dream home, and white Cloe tile is there to fulfill that vision. Subtle coloration differences and texture variations make this modern-looking backsplash option subtle and expressive all at once.

Quartzite Or Marble

Another favorite for any dream kitchen is quartzite and marble. There is an affordable opulence defining such backsplash designs. Both materials are durable and easy to clean. Especially for kitchens that have non-traditional color schemes, like those incorporating deep greens, this is a fine option for 2021.

Different Geometrical Shapes

You can also make backsplashes in your kitchen into unique shapes using tiles. In this way, fairly cost-effective tiling can be made into a little miniature art piece that directly matches your sensibilities.

Textures That Challenge Convention

Textures are a big part of what makes a backsplash aesthetically pleasing, and 2021 textures have a different sort of “flavor” than some years. Ceramic and porcelain are materials with unique, interesting textures that aren’t exceptionally costly. Find what works for you and your kitchen.

Colors That Are Calming, Diverse Tile Sizes

Tranquil blues, or the aforementioned deep green hues, tend to be calming colors excellent for the kitchen. Also, your backsplash arrangement doesn’t have to use tiles that are an inch square. You can have big or small tiles, and 2021 is a year where people are playing around with their options in detail, color, and style choices.

Perusing New And Favorite Backsplash Options

If you’re looking to build, remodel, or renovate your home, there are many trends to explore. For backsplashes, 2021 is seeing a lot of calming colors, diverse tile sizes, convention-challenging textures, geometric shapes, quartzite options, marble options, and white Cloe tile. What works for you?

Experience Homes in Amarillo Texas offers a home trade-in option where you can build your own house, trading equity of the previous property. If you’re building from the ground up, you might as well explore what sort of backsplash designs are available. To learn more about such interior options, or simply explore the costs of building a home, contact us at Experience Homes today!

Questions to ask your home builder

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Home Building: A More Modern Approach

For those looking to build equity and retain existing assets, one of the best possible moves is to acquire real estate. You can even design a home with certain builders, such as Experience Homes, then they’ll purchase your old home as you’re looking to move into the new property. This makes everything a lot more affordable and includes a host of associated benefits such as:

  • You Don’t Have to Pay Any Realtor Fees
  • There is Only One Mortgage at a Time, Instead of Multiple Mortgages
  • You Don’t Have to do Any House Showings
  • The Stress of Being Out of the Old House on a Deadline is Gone

Notable Questions Worth Asking

Of course, less complication doesn’t mean you should neglect to ask your builder certain home building questions. Especially with custom builds, there are a lot of little details that need to be addressed. A few we will briefly explore here include:

The Level Of Budget You’re Working With

When you’re in the home building process, the budget you’re working with will likely expand. Asking the builders what you should expect to spend in advance is wise. Now, the more professional the company, the closer they’ll hit initial estimates. However, the more customization you desire, the more your budget will need to expand.

Accordingly, when asking about the associated budget of a prospective build, add about 15% to whatever you’re told. If builders come in under budget, you just saved a huge amount of money that can be put into other aspects of the property.

You will also need to take into consideration closing costs, living expenses, home insurance, and other fees. Ask your builder if those things can be “rolled in” to your overall home payment.

What Sort Of Timeline Defines Your Build

How long will it be before the home building project you’ve initiated is complete? Again, more professional builders tend to get the job done in a fast way that is simultaneously qualitative; but unexpected events still happen. Add at least a few weeks just to give yourself a margin for error.

The Location Where You Build: Do You Have Land?

You should have the location where you plan to have the house built figured out beforehand. There will be utility fees unless you’re building some sort of totally sustainable off-grid property. Most traditional builders operate on designs built around traditional grid-based utilities.

How Many Customization You’re Going For

If you’re building a custom home, that could be more or less expensive depending on associated customization. Working with your home builders in advance can help you balance your own custom modifications with their abilities and preferences as builders, facilitating the most cost-effective and harmonious result. That said, some customizations get pricey.

Decor Packages, Including Associated Trim And Fixtures

What sort of decor, trim, and fixtures will be associated with your new property? You definitely want to get these details right. If they don’t match your aesthetic preferences, the cost of fixing such issues can be high, and it’s unnecessary if you just get these things figured out in advance with your builders.

Exploring Home Building And Trade-In Options

Going the trade-in route allows you to save time and money while getting a greater level of customization in your new property, and avoiding both realtor fees and simultaneous mortgages.

Ask about decor, trim, and fixtures. Determine where the land will be that you build on. Plan for a timeline within a few weeks of projected estimates. Finally, design a budget around these things as you fully realize what will be necessary for the process, and how much equity you already have in your existing home.

For more information on home building, and how best to go about it, check out Experience Homes in Amarillo, Texas. We offer trade-in options, customization, and experience.


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Production Homes Vs. Custom Homes

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Anyone planning on engaging in the home building process and planning on finally seeing their “dream home” become a reality needs to think carefully about the differences between production homes and custom homes.

Production homes are basically a more uniform, streamlined, or even “cookie-cutter” approach to homebuilding. It gives the homeowner less control over the process and less ability to customize the exact details of his or her future home.

That’s not to say, of course, that production homes are not a good choice for some homeowners – and then there’s the middle-of-the-road “semi-custom” home option, too, to consider. BUT, if you want to custom-craft the exact home you want, you have to go to a custom home builder to get it done.

Here are 4 key advantages of opting for custom home building over production homes:

  1. Designed & Built “From Scratch”

The homeowner has the ability with custom homes to choose the floor plan, the size of the building, building materials, landscaping, stone countertops, and practically everything else.

A production home will have all or most of these features pre-set, while a semi-custom home gives you a greater but still limited menu of options to select from. Custom home building means you can collaborate with the builder and architect over any or all aspects of your future home.

  1. You Can Find Your Own Lot

With custom home building, you have the option to search out and buy your own lot separately if you wish. You can buy it from the custom builder if you wish, but it is not a requirement. With production homes, the lot and building simply automatically “come together.”

Custom-built homes are often designed in a way that closely marries the lot to the home, make architectural decisions based on geography. For example, you may change the position of windows and doors to gain more lighting or a better view of your surroundings.

  1. You Can Monitor & Control Costs

Building a custom home will require more involvement by the homeowner, and it may take more time and cost a bit more – but it’s worth it for the often superior quality of workmanship and the full customization you receive.

But another way to look at it is that customized homes mean customized budgets. You can make decisions to balance features and costs and stay within your desired budget. You don’t have to just go with a predetermined price point as with production homes.

  1. Working With Local Custom Builders

One big benefit of building and buying a custom home is that you get to work with friendly, local builders with a high level of experience and expertise. All too often, big national companies control production home projects and you just don’t get that “local feel” and “customized customer service.”

To learn more about the benefits of custom home building or to talk to an experienced custom home builder and start planning your dream home, contact Experience Homes in Amarillo, Texas, today!