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Better than “Quality”

By November 29, 2021Home

Better than “Quality”

Quality (noun) – 1. The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. 

If “quality” could be measured in the amount of time it takes to achieve something, then it would be easy to say that ours is “good.” If “quality” was measured in the amount of communication we keep to ensure everything was going to plan, then it would be easy to say that ours is “great.” If “quality” was determined in the ability to create timelessly beautiful designs, then it would be easy to say that ours is “excellent.” But there’s more to great “quality” than what the eye can see. So what makes us, our homes, and our service better than just “quality?”

It’s All In The Details

At Experience Homes, we don’t just want to build exceptional homes. We want to exceed the understanding of what it means to be “exceptional,” and take what we offer to a whole other level. It’s not just about the materials we use, sure, that’s part of it – only choosing the best-made, best-grade, highest-quality products to construct our time-tested, Texas-tough homes. But it’s about the meticulous, almost pain-staking process we take to pinpoint every detail, every nook and cranny, of every home.

From the paint colors, flooring, and high-end finishes, to the smallest of details, we don’t want one part of your home to go unnoticed, looked over, or untouched. Every aspect of what we build must be purposeful and well-thought-out, specifically with your individual needs and desires in mind. It’s easy to be cookie-cutter, but it’s better to take the time to do it right, build it tough, and make it meaningful.

Come for the Experience

When you choose us to custom-build your forever home, you get our professional and passionate team to take every step of the process and turn it into an experience that will leave you feeling truly at home and at peace. That’s why we chose the name “Experience Homes” for our business, because the “experience” doesn’t just end when the house is built and finished, it should continue for years to come.

Our customer service goes deeper than simply checking off your list of wants and needs in a home. We want you to fall in LOVE with what we create for you, over and over again, every time you step through the door – so we’re just as equally as passionate about the outcome. It’s the feeling you get, and the beautiful memories associated with your home that we’re working toward – if “forever” could be a feeling, that’s our goal. If you’re in the Amarillo, TX area, and are ready to walk through the door of your “forever,” let us be partners in creating your perfect dream home. Perfectly you and perfectly built – that’s what “quality” means to us. Give us a call at 806-318-8686 or contact us today!