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By January 18, 2018June 18th, 2019New Construction

To build a home is an exciting process, especially when you get to month five. Your home is finally starting to take its shape and you can start imagining how the finish product is going to look. Last month we went through what is called the “rough-end” process. This includes: electrical, plumbing, and insulation being installed, and drywall being hung. After passing the inspection, the fun begins.

One of the first things to happen is we will hang the garage doors. About this time is when the exterior of your home is starting to come together. The brick is fully done and any stonework is being finished up. Once all of the bricking and stoning is finished, it is time to start prepping for the plumbing and drainage system in your front yard. Depending on weather delays, this part may take a while. But luckily, the weather will have no effect on what is going on in the interior of your home.

Last month, they finished up drywall which means this month we can start tile work. This is part of the exciting creative process because you are finally getting the kitchen design and spa bathroom that you’ve always wanted. Tile work can include anything like; showers, bathtubs, kitchen floors, and backsplashes. Incorporating tile doesn’t have to just be limited to bathroom or kitchen though; it can be placed in any room to add uniqueness to your home.

Installing cabinets is the next exciting step. You can design and customize them with full extension roll-out shelves, large drawers in base cabinets, hidden pull-out trash bins, wine racks or china displays. You can get as creative as you want because it’s your house. After all tiling and cabinetry is finished, painters will come in and start the trim and crown molding.There is so much excitement to building a new home. Many decisions and a lot of creativity take place in the process to make it the perfect home for you. We can make your dreams a reality and help build you your dream house. Call us today to learn more about how to build a home. Check back in February for month 6 of the home building process!

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