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Ways to Stick to Your Budget When Building a New Home

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Ways to Stick to Your Budget When Building a New Home

If you’ve made a decision to build instead of buying a home, that’s a great start. Unfortunately, the real work starts when you sit down with your builder to choose a plan, finishes, and overall budget. Of course, the things that make sense on paper don’t always work when it’s time to break ground. Sudden changes and fluctuations in the construction industry, unplanned setbacks, and price fluctuations can all derail even the most thought-through budget. Although many people often assume it’s impossible to stay on budget, here are some proven ways to stick to your budget when building a new home.

  1. Have a Detailed Plan

Many building processes often begin before many decisions regarding the design or interior finishes have been completed. Without a clear plan with blueprints, work schedule, and all the materials required, you’ll find yourself adjusting so much on the fly, which could easily derail your budget. Always put down a solid plan you can commit to so you can keep your budget on track from day one.

  1. Track Your Spending

Always keep your eye on your budget during every phase of your home building by tracking all expenditures and flagging any overruns as early as possible. Consider mapping out your expenses on a monthly basis and noting everything down to help you keep the project organized and on track.

Depending on the size of your project, you can use a notebook or paper planner to keep track of all purchases and costs without spending a fortune. Alternatively, you can download expense-tracking software on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. You can then upload invoices, receipts, and other essential spending there.

  1. Establish Non-Negotiables

The key to establishing a plan you can stick to is to establish your priorities in terms of style, function, and finishing materials. You need to work with your builder to agree on what aspects of the building you could skimp on when the need arises to accommodate non-negotiable categories. For instance, you may want to skip finishing your basement and keep it for the future and instead focus on more outstanding features like siding and gutter system. Or, you may want to opt for quality laminate or wood-look tile for your flooring, rather than genuine wood in order to cut costs.  You may even choose granite countertops rather than marble for your countertops to save even more on spending. 

  1. Hire the Right Professionals

Always hire professional architects, plumbers, electricians, etc., who respect your vision and prioritize your non-negotiables. More often, professionals can work within your budget and will offer you options for cost savings. Work with a reputable building contractor with a solid track record on completing homes of comparable design and budget. With experience in project management, professional builders can help you stay on budget without compromising quality.

  1. Set a Realistic Budget for the Cost of Each Stage

Your final plan should include a breakdown of each stage of the building and line-item costs within each stage. Make things as close as you can get to the last penny. Find the most updated data and material and labor prices based on your location. A good way to do that is to evaluate competing bids, ask around about recent nearby new home buildings, and talk to designers and tradespeople who know real-life costs.

  1. Choose Finishes Before Breaking Ground

The more you dive into the nitty-gritty of selecting finishes before you start new home construction, the less likely you’ll run into budget overruns. Interior finishes often take the biggest chunk out of the total building budget. So, it’s important to plan for every penny down to your bathroom tile and kitchen faucets. To avoid budget-busting surprises, choose your finishes ahead of time and identify where you can tighten your budget or where you can splurge.

Reliable Custom Home Builders in Amarillo, TX Area!

Whether you are looking to build your first home or are ready to purchase the custom home of your dreams, you can trust Experience Homes to make it happen. Our new construction homes offer exceptional energy efficiency, quality craftsmanship, and a home that is uniquely yours! Contact us today to learn about our home trade-in program in Amarillo, TX!

Building a Home? 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Builder

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You have made lists, budgets, and spreadsheets and finally settled on the perfect house plan. Your finances are also ready, you have done your due diligence and settled on your builder of choice, and now you are set to start your home building journey.

Be sure to ask the following questions before you commit:

  1. What Financing Plans Do You Offer?

Today, many financing options are available to homeowners who wish to design and build their dream homes. At Experience Homes, we can help you find flexible financing for your project. We can also help pay your closing costs in some instances to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. We also work with a preferred lender to help resolve credit issues.

Additionally, we offer a home trade-in program where you can swap your old home with a brand new construction one. Our home trade-in options mean we will buy your old home in exchange for a new custom-built one. So you can select your dream home, help design it, and see it take shape. Then, once construction is complete, we will buy your current home.

The program is hassle-free and has no pressure, hidden fees, or realtors. What’s more, we can offer you up to 90% for your old home and save you the hassle of selling, putting your house on the market, multiple showings, and moving twice.

Will I be Actively Involved in the Design Process?

When building your dream home, you deserve a say every step of the way. At Experience Homes, we build long-lasting homes using the latest technology. But all our homes are built to suit the client’s personal needs and wants. We also offer customizable floor plans and can accommodate more upon request.

Additionally, we offer a broad selection of styles, designs, and finishes, including brick color, roof color, window color, exterior trim color, flooring type and color, hardware lighting, plumbing fixture color, and kitchen backsplash, among others.

Can I See Recent Projects You Have Completed and Meet the Owners?

A solid, reputable builder like Experience Homes with satisfied clients will not hesitate to provide a list of past customers. Past customers will tell you their home building experience with the builder and whether they were organized, pleasant to work with, and professional. Ask if they finished their project to their expectations, on time, and within budget. Also, look at the projects and homes to see if they appeal to your taste.

How Often Will I Receive Updates of the Budget and Schedule

Time and money are invaluable commodities during construction. However, a common complaint from homebuyers is they are frequently unsure of how much money they have left, how much the project needs for completion, and how much longer it will take. Timely updates allow you to make informed ongoing decisions on materials and finishes.

What Happens If a Problem Arises?

Home-building is a complex process, and issues often arise throughout the project duration. Ask how the builder guarantees their work, how they handle setbacks, and whether they offer a building maintenance period to fix any problems.

Work With the Best Amarillo Home Builders

Experience Homes is a top Amarillo home builder specializing in custom homes and innovative home-ownership solutions in Texas. We’ve got your back when you’re ready to buy your first home or build one of your dreams.

We build custom dream homes designed to your family’s needs and wants – down to the last detail. With over a decade of building custom homes, we give our clients a smooth and stress-free home building experience from start to finish. Additionally, we can help you finance your new home with our many available financing options. Contact us today.

Top 5 Design Trends for 2022

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Top 5 Design Trends for 2022

Home designs change with time. Currently, people prefer home designs that portray their personalities and tastes.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the working environment from offices to homes. As a result, homeowners had to adjust their home space to accommodate them while they worked. It will contribute to many people changing their home’s design in 2022.

If looking for an ideal trending design for your home that will meet all your needs, continue reading this article. You will have insight into the best design trends you can choose for your home. They include the following;

  1. Colors and Paint Colors

One of the main ways homeowners are changing the look of their homes is by applying a coat of quality paint and different colors. Designers in 2022 will make homes look calm by painting calming colors, such as neutrals or green.

Muddled jewel and brown-toned grays will continue being used in 2022 design trends because of their quiet inspiration and calmness. That’s why they suit rooms such as a home library, study room, bedrooms, and sitting rooms.

You will also find them in other areas requiring your resting states, such as the kitchen, entry halls, and breakfast rooms.

Creamy whites offer comfort in the bedrooms or living rooms.

Terracotta is also a trending color. Designers love the beautiful, alluring dirt color that calms. Ideal places to paint them are areas most people visit, such as kitchens and libraries.

  1. Interior Design

Another design trend to see in 2022 is the biophilic designs. Designers will bring the outside into the interior space using natural colors, materials, and plants. Currently, they are the critical consideration and are expected to rock in 2022.

Also, a good number of home designs consist of a home office. It used to be a luxury for most people before the pandemic, but it’s now a necessity. You are likely to see many homes with home offices in 2022. 

Such designs will integrate biophilic designs to bring the feeling and ambiance of nature to the interior as people spend time indoors amid a lingering pandemic.

  1. Curved Design

In the past, architecture and furniture designs used geometrical and angular shapes. But recent design trends have replaced them with curved lines, which are softer and wavier. That’s why you’ll see much of curved designs in 2022.close up of bath tub

Most furniture collections like coaches and tables will consist of curved or round lines, while certain rooms will have curved walls. The curved design looks classy and pleasing to the eyes. They are also more calming and intriguing than the straight or sharp-angled walls or furniture.

  1. Fixtures

Home fixtures attribute to the look of a home. They also have their functions in each space. 

Designers today are considering up-to-date fixtures with multiple functions. They are also looking at their durability and cost.

The 2022 design trends will feature unique, elegant fixtures that blend well with the interior décor. You will also see a mix of traditional and modern fixtures for those who love the old touch in their homes.

  1. Décor

Currently, most people are conscious of their environment and appreciate what it offers. We will see more nature inspired wallpapers and surfaces with exotic fauna and flora.

Some designers in 2022 will use décor that releases no or little carbon into the air to safeguard the environment. Additionally,


Design trends for 2022 are many. The list discussed above is part of the long list.

Make your living space favorable for your stay by establishing your statement through any of the above design trends. It will make your home more comfortable and relaxing. There’s nowhere else you’ll want to be in 2022 other than in your home if it accommodates your taste and personality! If you’re looking to build a gorgeous home with professionals who know design and take the time to get to know your specific tastes and desires, contact us at Experience Homes today!

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How to pick the perfect paint colors for your home.

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How to pick the perfect paint colors for your home.

One of the most exciting things about getting a new home is getting to do things just how you like them. But picking paint colors can be a tough job. There are so many, where do you even start? Getting to know the color trends can make it a little easier. Maybe you have a particular look in mind or just want to exercise a little self-expression. Either way, you can use the 2021 trends to help get the right aesthetic for your new home.

Interior paint color

What better way to start thinking about your interior paint colors than by taking a look at the Pantone 2021 colors of the year. This year there are two: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, which is a bright yellow.  Grays are versatile neutrals that can complement just about any style and look perfect in any room. While yellows are a classic for kitchens. A bright yellow can also make a good accent color. You don’t necessarily need to go with these exact shades either, but it can be a good starting point.

Earth tone palettes are a very big trend this year. So many people have spent so much time indoors recently that anything that gives a nod to the great outdoors is a welcome sight. Greens, blues, and yellows are popular choices, but the big trend for earth tones this year is brown.

Along with dark brown, other fall colors like purple are popular right now too. Especially some of the bolder, more saturated, and luxurious-looking shades. A good example is Aubergine, a brownish-purple color. These colors are usually too intense for an entire room, but they can make a great accent wall or accent color in decor. If you have an accent color or two you would love to have in the room, you can work from there and look at wall colors that would work with them.

Exterior color

When picking exterior colors, you’ll want to consider the curb appeal of your home, or how it will look from the street. For this reason, most people don’t want to go overboard with something too bold. You’ll want to consider the window color and roof color too when making your exterior color choices.

Those can’t be easily changed and you don’t want anything visually offensive that makes your home look like an eyesore rather than stylish. White or other neutrals are always a popular choice, you can avoid looking too average by picking a trim color that is bold or dark. It’s the perfect spot to work in some color.

Neutrals and blue

If you absolutely aren’t sure what to go with, pick a neutral. They’re popular for a reason. And they work both inside and out.

Another color that is almost universally appealing is blue. It’s a calm and soothing color that also works inside and out. For that reason, it’s a popular choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. This year’s trendiest shades like turquoise and sapphire can provide a pop of color to your interior

If you need a change of scenery and are looking for more than just a simple “freshen up” of your current home, a home trade-in program is a unique option to help get you into your dream home quickly with no realtor fees, and no worries about two mortgage payments or moving out before you’re ready.

Call Experience Homes, professional home builders in Amarillo TX to trade in your old home, or build a new one and start dreaming of your perfect colors now.


How to Choose the Best Layout for Your Home

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How to Choose the Best Layout for Your Home

Homebuilding gives you the opportunity for no regrets, but the many layout choices can be daunting. At Experience Homes, we offer a wide variety of floor plans to choose from, and can design your beautiful new home to meet, and exceed, your needs.


Do you have a growing family, or plan to in the future? Do you frequently entertain overnight guests or have family come to visit? Having plenty of space for everyone is necessary to keep everyone comfortable and happy.

Along with your family’s growing needs, will come the desire for additional bedrooms. A crying newborn can keep other family members up through the night, children and teenagers will want their own space, and finding room for guests can turn out to be like a game of Tetris. These are things you’ll need to consider in the span of building your home.


If your kids are old enough for video games or loud music, you may want to keep their bedrooms a good distance away from yours. However, if you are just starting your family, you will want at least one bedroom close to the master bedroom to use as a nursery.

Do you want the master bedroom close to the main entrance of the home for security? Or would you rather have a closed-off quiet oasis separated from the main living area? If your kids are prone to fighting (we’ll call it playing rough) or have a large age gap, it might be best to separate their bedrooms a bit. However, if mom or dad is prone to working late or overnight hours, it might be a good idea to place the master bedroom closer to the garage or main entrance, for easy access without disturbing others.


Consider his and hers vanities for the master bathrooms. It sounds simple, but it will really help alleviate tension during busy mornings. “Jack and Jill” bathrooms (bathrooms connecting two bedrooms together) are popular for kids’ rooms and allow them to have their own privacy.

If you have frequent visitors to your home, it’s important to have a half bathroom available near the main living area. There should also be one full bathroom for every two bedrooms in your home.


Storage space is so much more than closets. It can take a home from feeling cramped and cluttered, to roomy, clean, and comfortable.

  • Kitchen – As your family expands, so will your need for cabinet and pantry space. You will continue to require new cookware, new small appliances, and more food storage. Consider built-in pantry space and plenty of large cabinets to hide unsightly bulky items and keep food stored away.
  • HovHubs (Designated Workspace) – These spaces are essential for today’s families, especially if you opt for an open floor plan. Placed in a central location, it can serve a wide variety of needs for every family member from homework to a quick recipe search to answering an email.
  • Garage – A well-designed, well-organized garage can hold so much more than your vehicles. Think about your children’s bicycles, outdoor toys, family sports equipment, tools, and holiday decorations. You can also install a second mudroom in your garage.
  • Mudroom – If you’ve ever had a loved one come home after a long hot day’s work, or kids come in from football practice on a rainy day, then you understand how critical a well-located mudroom really is. It not only gives everyone their own “unloading” cubby space, but can keep your home from being extra smelly or cluttered.


Having a designated space for all of your children’s toys can save you hours of time keeping their bedrooms clean and organized. As your children grow older, you could convert this space into a game or theater room.


A well-placed laundry room can make all the difference when you are raising a family. Multi-tasking is a lot easier if you choose a location near the kitchen because you can quickly check on the laundry in between cooking tasks. If you choose a two-story home design, you may prefer your laundry room to be located upstairs near the bedrooms so you don’t have to carry it as far.


Do you dream of a large, eat-in kitchen or would you prefer more dining room space? If you’re a family whose life is lived around the kitchen or dining table, you may want to dedicate more space to create a larger, more open-concept kitchen and dining area, so the spaces aren’t “closed off” from one another.

What about beyond the interior? If you like to spend time outside, or if you have children or pets that like to run around, you’ll want to consider the size of your outdoor space in addition to your home’s square footage.


You will also want to think about the location of outlets, windows, fixtures, and doors. We have all seen houses with out-of-place outlets or light switches, or even light fixture locations that don’t seem to make sense. Save yourself the trouble later on by planning ahead.

Outlets need to be easily accessible, and their locations need to be well-planned out before moving in and getting settled. There should be at least one outlet located on every interior wall, possibly two or more, depending on the size of the space. Well-placed light fixtures and ceiling fans can mean the difference between a dark and dreary room and a comfortable and inviting area.

Big fan of natural light? Your window placement is essential to what kind of sunlight comes into your home and where. If you’re a night owl or late riser, the last thing you’d want is your bedroom windows facing directly toward the rising sun in the mornings.

It takes much more to building a house than simply picking a layout. That’s why you should trust the experts at Experience Homes. We take the time to walk you through the building process, and not only take care of all the details but create a house you feel perfectly at home in. Contact us today.

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Siding & Brick Trends: How To Pick The Right Exterior for Your Home

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Home for sale in amarillo house amarillo


Building a new home in 2021? It’s important to be aware of this year’s trends so you can make an informed decision with all of your options in view. This is never more true than with the exterior covering of your home.

Most homes built today will utilize either brick or siding – or more likely a combination of the two. Custom home builders will be familiar with all of the latest trends as well as the timeless classics, so you should definitely go over home exterior options with your builder.

But we can look briefly here at the basics. Here are four key considerations when selecting brick and siding colors/styles that every Texas homeowner should be aware of.

1. Brick Is Booming Across Many Styles

Brick is now readily available to home builders in numerous colors and styles – more than ever before. The real trend with brick is simply diversity and uniqueness – making your home different in some way from all others. While more costly than siding, brick is more durable.

Classic brick red, a deeper burgundy red, antique white, browns, blacks, and khaki are among the more popular exterior colors for brick homes right now. But there are many other colors and shades that offer a panorama of curb appeal possibilities!

And you also have rough-hewn brick surfaces, smooth-faced brick, “faded glory style,” and more to consider. The surface contour of the bricks will do much to influence the overall ambiance of your new home – creating anything from “vintage” to “business-like” to “playful.”

2. Don’t Forget About Thin Brick & Brick Highlights

Many times, homeowners are choosing to have their porch areas or other small, stand-alone brick zones done in a brick veneer product often called “thin brick.” This trend saves money, makes installation easier, and gives you much of the look and feel of “thick brick.”

Also important when designing brick areas for your home is to outline brick zones with other materials. Brick up against natural stone, stucco, or siding can create an interesting and aesthetically pleasing “highlighting” effect.

3. Pair Siding Colors With Brick Colors Wisely

Some homes have the entire exterior done in brick alone, and that can look great. But it’s usually more economical and/or desirable to most homeowners to do a brick-siding combo on the exterior.

This brings up the issue of pairing the siding color with the brick color. Pairing a forest green with brick red is popular, both colors having a kind of “faded” look to them.

Deep burgundy brick can go well with the same color of siding. Blue-green siding contrasts well with most colors of brick popular today, while light gray is the top “neutral” (less bold) siding color of choice with just about any brick color.

4. Choose Your Siding Material Carefully

Vinyl is the most popular siding material these days, largely due to two factors: a huge variety of color options and the most affordable price point.

But don’t overlook the possibility of wood siding for its warm, natural look. Pine and cedar are the trendiest woods, with board and batten and shingles/shakes being typical forms. (Engineered wood mimics fiber cement board siding while reducing the weight and the cost somewhat.)

Doing the front with vertical wood siding and the gables with wood shakes is a popular trend. Selecting out certain areas for “special treatment” in general is “in.” So this gives homeowners plenty of space to exercise their creativity!

Custom Home Builders in Amarillo, Texas

To learn more about modern home exterior, especially brick and siding, trends in 2021 and beyond, contact Experience Homes – the custom home builders of Amarillo, Texas, today!

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Building A New Home: How to Choose the Right Builder for the Job.

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Owning your own home is only half of the American Dream. The other half is living in a home that fits your exact preferences because you had it custom-built with that in mind.

But your dream home doesn’t just have to remain a mere dream – building a new home can be affordable and practical. It can become a reality. Choosing the right builder for the job is a big part of making that happen, so here are 4 key tips to help you locate your perfect contractor.

1. Always Put Quality Workmanship First

Quality comes first, plain and simple. Even if you are on a limited home-building budget, far better to build a smaller home that is built right than a larger one that is built sloppily and with low-grade materials.

You don’t want to have to handle repairs, additions, and adjustments to the building later on due to poor workmanship. And the higher the quality, the greater the longevity of the building – which means your long term investment is preeminently safe and sound.

2. Research The Builder & His Past Customers

Choosing the right builder for the job starts with investigating the basics: verifying the builder’s licensing, insurance, and warranties and reading references from past customers of the builder in question.

See if you can look through a portfolio of the builder’s past work, and don’t be afraid to ask pertinent questions. Also, see if the builder is a member of a local building contractor’s association and if he has a file at the BBB or at similar organizations.

3. Make Sure Customization Is “Taken Seriously”

You want to custom-build your dream home, so you want more than two or three cookie-cutter options. That’s not true customization.

Look for a builder who will work with you on custom-building your new home down to the details. Size, floor plan, room connections, fixtures, flooring/carpeting, lighting, appliances, and more can all be customized.

4. Consider Affordability & Timing

You have to find something in your price range, so look for variety here. Also, consider a home trade-in program to synchronize the move-out/move-in timing: home trade-ins mean no realtor fees, no house showings, no overlap period with two mortgages, and no stressful uncertainty about when you have to move out of your old home.

Experience Homes is one of the premier custom home builders in Amarillo and the whole North Texas Panhandle. They have a long track record for quality and an excellent home trade-in program. Contact Experience Homes today to learn more!

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Costs Associated With Building and Financing a New Home

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All excitement aside, building a new home can be a rather daunting experience. Typically, combining all the fittings and features you want into your ideal house, while doing it on a budget can be far from simple.

If you are building your perfect home or an investment property, what determines the decision-making process and the ultimate outcome is the COST. Nonetheless, while the costs may vary from house to house, your distinct approach to the process of building it can make a considerable difference.

That said, what are the actual costs associated with building and financing your home? Let’s break it down…

How much does it cost to build a house?

While there is no correct standard figure on how much it costs to complete a house building project, the minimum average cost of building a home usually ranges from $125 to $150 per square foot. Nevertheless, the total cost of every home building endeavor is dependent on various distinct factors, some of which include:

  • Land: While calculating the overall home building costs, the worksite plays a significant role in the final figure. Usually, with property, you may incur lot preparation expenses depending on the nature of the land. Is it sloping or flat? How will you tailor it to suit your home’s design and plan? All these factors add to the lot preparation fees and hence, the overall cost to build a house.
  • Government Regulation: Typically, before you start your construction process, you must satisfy all the appropriate house regulations. Usually, this can include permits, fees, and inspections all which cost a substantial amount of money to fulfill.
  • House Specifications: Finally, the specifics of your house also contribute to the total house building costs. Your unique house specifications add to an array of expenses which you must prepare for including utility fees, material costs, and labor costs, among others making it impossible to estimate a one-size-fits-all house building figure.

A Cost-Effective Approach to House Building

Undoubtedly, house building can be a rather costly affair. Nonetheless, if you are planning to build your ideal home, but you are working on a budget, various home building companies can offer you a reprieve. Besides their expertise, they also provide exclusive programs such as the remarkable Home Trade-in program by Experience Homes.

Experience Homes alleviates your stress with their exclusive Home Trade-in Program.

Basically, with this program, Experience Homes trades your existing home for a new home! We buy your current home on the same day you buy a new construction home from Experience Homes. Your existing house equity can also serve as your initial down payment.

Advantages of Home Trade-In Program

  • No realtor fees
  • No house showings
  • Never two mortgages
  • No stress to be out by a specific time

Final Word

Although it can be quite an expensive endeavor, home building can nonetheless be significantly rewarding. With the right mindset backed up by the proper procedures and the right professionals to guide and assist you through it, you might find these home building-associated costs to be abundantly worthwhile.

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How to Find the Perfect Lot to Build a New Custom Home

By Buying Process, New Construction

You have decided to build a new custom home. Congratulations! You have the needed mortgage pre-approval letter, created a budget, hired a builder, and now have the floor plan. The only thing remaining is to pick the perfect place to build and that’s the easy part! You can use a lot provided by your builder or purchase one of your own.

Here are a few tips that will help you find the best lot for a custom home:


Survey the Neighborhood

Just because you saw a sign/post for Land For Sale, it doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Do your due diligence and drive around the area at different times of the day. You can tour the neighborhood during the night and see how it looks. Most importantly, visit during the rainy season. Does the area flood?

Furthermore, watch how neighbors interact and investigate about the security in the area and whether or not there are HOA’s. Other factors to consider – How far the place is from work? If you have a car, how long will it take for you to commute? Are you looking for a family-based neighborhood? Are there amenities around such as hospitals, schools, gym, shopping malls, or grocery stores? Finally, evaluate growth potential in the area.

The artificial and natural physical features of the lot will determine the floor plan of your custom home. Some topographies require lots of work that make you spend more than your planned budget.


Consider Your Budget

When you’re looking for Land For Sale, one of the most crucial aspects is to consider your budget! The general rule dictates that the lot price should range between 10% to 20% of the total cost of your preferred custom home. Ensure the lot you want is within your budgetary parameters. The best thing to do is to compare different lots within the neighborhood. Also, work with a reliable and reputable local custom home builder to help you identify the lot that suits your budget.

Get Professional Help

At Experience Homes, we have a fantastic trade-in program where you can trade in your existing home for a quality home that suits your families needs and desires.

Call us today to find the perfect lot to build your custom home!

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How to Buy New Construction

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Buying a “new construction” home is a little bit different from buying a previously owned home. There is nothing like the feeling of owning something that matches the ideal home you’ve always had pictured in your head. A “used” home can feel like someone else’s dream, not your own. With no previous homeowner, you don’t have to deal with a seller’s emotional attachment to the home, which can influence the negotiating process. Whether you are designing and building a customer home or buying a home that’s built on spec, you only have to work with the builder.

If you are looking in the market for new homes in Amarillo, and are considering a new construction home, here are five easy steps that will help guide you through the process.


The thought of new construction may mean beautiful new paint colors and shinny granite countertops are dancing through your head. First things first, evaluate your situation. Sit down and decide how much money you want to invest in your new home. It is crucial to know what you can afford based on your income, debt, and credit score.

Don’t forget the overlooked extras like property taxes, insurance, furniture, and landscaping costs. Once you have this number in mind you can decide which new construction options and extras fit your budget and lifestyle. If you are considering selling your current home to get into a new construction home, look into the home trade-in process.


When considering whether new construction is right for you make a list and weigh the pros and cons. New construction tends to be a little further from the city center. Will you mind the commute? Is there a homeowners association and what are the rules? What school district will your children be in? These are all important questions you need to examine in order to make sure you are making the best choice to fit the way you live.


If you are looking to settle down and build something that you’ll love for years to come do your research. Visit the development and talk to other homeowners in the area. Ask people about the experience they had building their home, what did they enjoy about the process? Read online reviews, testimonials, and news. Visit the builder’s website, read what people are saying on social media, and check out the Better Business Bureau. Every avenue gives you a glimpse into how the builder interacts with customers.


Any reputable builder will be happy to answer all your questions. If you have questions about amenities and upgrades, ask! Amenities are features that benefit the entire community. Upgrades refer to added features or items you pay a little extra for to enhance your home. Communicate your ideas with the builder. If you have your heart set on a particular appliance or type of flooring, start that dialogue early and communicate your expectations.


Some builder’s offer a warranty that covers any defects in craftsmanship. Home warranties can vary in length and what they cover. Be sure that any warranty you receive explicitly states what is covered and what isn’t. If there is something that is unclear be sure to ask questions.


New HOmes in amarillo

There are many perks to choosing new homes in Amarillo over a previously owned home. Experience Homes is dedicated to making the process a positive one. We work with you to take the dream in your mind and turn it into reality. If you have questions about our floor plans, plats, or how you can get into a new construction home please give us a call and let us work with you.