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Siding & Brick Trends: How To Pick The Right Exterior for Your Home

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Building a new home in 2021? It’s important to be aware of this year’s trends so you can make an informed decision with all of your options in view. This is never more true than with the exterior covering of your home.

Most homes built today will utilize either brick or siding – or more likely a combination of the two. Custom home builders will be familiar with all of the latest trends as well as the timeless classics, so you should definitely go over home exterior options with your builder.

But we can look briefly here at the basics. Here are four key considerations when selecting brick and siding colors/styles that every Texas homeowner should be aware of.

1. Brick Is Booming Across Many Styles

Brick is now readily available to home builders in numerous colors and styles – more than ever before. The real trend with brick is simply diversity and uniqueness – making your home different in some way from all others. While more costly than siding, brick is more durable.

Classic brick red, a deeper burgundy red, antique white, browns, blacks, and khaki are among the more popular exterior colors for brick homes right now. But there are many other colors and shades that offer a panorama of curb appeal possibilities!

And you also have rough-hewn brick surfaces, smooth-faced brick, “faded glory style,” and more to consider. The surface contour of the bricks will do much to influence the overall ambiance of your new home – creating anything from “vintage” to “business-like” to “playful.”

2. Don’t Forget About Thin Brick & Brick Highlights

Many times, homeowners are choosing to have their porch areas or other small, stand-alone brick zones done in a brick veneer product often called “thin brick.” This trend saves money, makes installation easier, and gives you much of the look and feel of “thick brick.”

Also important when designing brick areas for your home is to outline brick zones with other materials. Brick up against natural stone, stucco, or siding can create an interesting and aesthetically pleasing “highlighting” effect.

3. Pair Siding Colors With Brick Colors Wisely

Some homes have the entire exterior done in brick alone, and that can look great. But it’s usually more economical and/or desirable to most homeowners to do a brick-siding combo on the exterior.

This brings up the issue of pairing the siding color with the brick color. Pairing a forest green with brick red is popular, both colors having a kind of “faded” look to them.

Deep burgundy brick can go well with the same color of siding. Blue-green siding contrasts well with most colors of brick popular today, while light gray is the top “neutral” (less bold) siding color of choice with just about any brick color.

4. Choose Your Siding Material Carefully

Vinyl is the most popular siding material these days, largely due to two factors: a huge variety of color options and the most affordable price point.

But don’t overlook the possibility of wood siding for its warm, natural look. Pine and cedar are the trendiest woods, with board and batten and shingles/shakes being typical forms. (Engineered wood mimics fiber cement board siding while reducing the weight and the cost somewhat.)

Doing the front with vertical wood siding and the gables with wood shakes is a popular trend. Selecting out certain areas for “special treatment” in general is “in.” So this gives homeowners plenty of space to exercise their creativity!

Custom Home Builders in Amarillo, Texas

To learn more about modern home exterior, especially brick and siding, trends in 2021 and beyond, contact Experience Homes – the custom home builders of Amarillo, Texas, today!