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By February 18, 2018December 9th, 2019New Construction

You made it! We are now in month six – the final month of what to expect when building a home. All of the big projects are finished and we are left with a few minor details. Last month we talked about installing cabinets, flooring, and garage doors. Now we will be adding in the finishing touches.

After tile and cabinets have been installed, it is time to pick out countertops and backsplashes for your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and any other parts of the house that need it. When choosing countertops, granite is usually the top choice. It is available in a variety of shades such as; blacks, whites, greens, corals and beiges, and no two pieces are exactly the same. Granite is available in two finishes. A polished finish results in a shiny look and often darkens the appearance of the stone, while honing is soft and matte. It is important to consider the cost for granite, because depending on many variables, including color, finish and origin of the stone; it can get a little pricey. While this is all happening, the trim is being finalized and doors are being put into place.

We initiated plumbing and electrical work in month 4, but now we will finalize it all. Installing plumbing for the toilets, showers/baths, water heater, and sinks takes place before the final electrical wiring. And although there are many interior plumbing projects to tackle, we also finish the plumbing for the outside sprinkler system. Once all the water works are finished, we can move on to the electrical portion. Any interior light fixtures will be wired as well as wiring for the dishwasher, garbage disposal, porch lighting, and the outside electrical unit.

The last finishing touches include adding in the carpet and paint touch-ups. Carpet is always done last because workers will constantly be in and out, so installing it last will keep it from getting dirty. Paint touch ups are also towards the end because when installing carpet, there is a chance the bottom wall trim will get scratched from the tools. All exterior finishing touches, fencing and back/front porch work, is finalized at this time too.

To conclude the process, the home builder and the inspection team do a final quality walk-through before bringing in the customer for their final look. Building a home is a long process, but we want to give you the best Experience when doing so. This last month is full of emotions and excitement knowing that soon, you will finally be moving in to your brand new home.

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