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Building A New Home: How to Choose the Right Builder for the Job.

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Owning your own home is only half of the American Dream. The other half is living in a home that fits your exact preferences because you had it custom-built with that in mind.

But your dream home doesn’t just have to remain a mere dream – building a new home can be affordable and practical. It can become a reality. Choosing the right builder for the job is a big part of making that happen, so here are 4 key tips to help you locate your perfect contractor.

1. Always Put Quality Workmanship First

Quality comes first, plain and simple. Even if you are on a limited home-building budget, far better to build a smaller home that is built right than a larger one that is built sloppily and with low-grade materials.

You don’t want to have to handle repairs, additions, and adjustments to the building later on due to poor workmanship. And the higher the quality, the greater the longevity of the building – which means your long term investment is preeminently safe and sound.

2. Research The Builder & His Past Customers

Choosing the right builder for the job starts with investigating the basics: verifying the builder’s licensing, insurance, and warranties and reading references from past customers of the builder in question.

See if you can look through a portfolio of the builder’s past work, and don’t be afraid to ask pertinent questions. Also, see if the builder is a member of a local building contractor’s association and if he has a file at the BBB or at similar organizations.

3. Make Sure Customization Is “Taken Seriously”

You want to custom-build your dream home, so you want more than two or three cookie-cutter options. That’s not true customization.

Look for a builder who will work with you on custom-building your new home down to the details. Size, floor plan, room connections, fixtures, flooring/carpeting, lighting, appliances, and more can all be customized.

4. Consider Affordability & Timing

You have to find something in your price range, so look for variety here. Also, consider a home trade-in program to synchronize the move-out/move-in timing: home trade-ins mean no realtor fees, no house showings, no overlap period with two mortgages, and no stressful uncertainty about when you have to move out of your old home.

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