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Host with the Most in Your New Home 

By December 12, 2019December 31st, 2019Holiday

With the holidays right around the corner, there’s a good chance you’ll be hosting a major get together this year in your new home. If so, you may have had little time to gather your thoughts when it comes to holiday decor, planning meals and events, and making guests feel welcome.

There are so many aspects to hosting the holidays, and some timely guidance and tips can make a big difference. In that vein, here are 6 top holiday hosting tips to put to use in your brand new abode!


  1. Provide A Memorable Entry

As soon as your guests walk into your home, they should feel welcome and excited to be there. To accomplish this, greet each new arrival personally or have a designated door greeter take their coats and hats. Make it a “take your shoes off” event – far more intimate and easier on your new flooring too!

Also, be sure there is plenty of room where guests walk in so they won’t feel cramped and a place to immediately set down gifts and other bulky items they may be bringing in with them.


  1. Have A Designated Welcome Area

It is important that new arrivals know where to go as soon as they arrive. Let them gather initially in a cozy living room with a modern fireplace lit, comfortable couches and chairs arranged in a semicircle, and the Christmas tree just across the room (along with other festive decorations.)

Also, it helps if the kitchen is not far away so guests can enjoy the aroma of delicious dishes wafting in – and snap up some cookies or other holiday snacks from a central table. The point is to let everyone come in, sit down, converse, and start getting into the holiday mood.


  1. Post A Schedule Of Events For All To See

All too often, people come to a party and feel lost. They aren’t sure what is coming next – or when. There’s nothing wrong with eliminating this problem by setting up an attractive, decorous sign or announcement board that outlines the day’s events.

Alternatively, you could mail all guests a page or card explaining the plan with the invitation, give a handout upon arrival, or just tell them what to expect in a few quick words just after they settle in.


  1. Keep The Indoor Environment Comfortable

Be sure you keep the indoor temperatures pleasantly warm and the air clean and dust-free. A modern heating/cooling system and automatic thermostat will make this simple, along with an up to date home ventilation system.

Also, be sure to open the curtains and blinds to let in plenty of sunlight if your event is during the daytime or to turn on the lights everywhere guests will be for the duration of the party should you host during the evening hours.


  1. Make A Statement With Exterior Decorations

To show off your new home and make an immediate holiday statement to every guest as he/she catches the first glimpse of your home and parks the car – go big on outdoor decorations.

Holiday lights outlining the entire front of the building will make your home easy to find and make it look friendly and inviting. An inflatable Santa and his tiny reindeer mid-yard, a high-quality door wreath, and a holiday-themed doormat will add to the charm.


  1. Make Every Room Festive With Indoor Decor

While the room with the tree and presents, the kitchen, and anywhere else guests will spend a lot of time are most important when it comes to indoor holiday decorations, don’t neglect hallways, decks, and even bathrooms.

Plan out every room. Include both unique and novel touches and traditional, nostalgic standards. A conversation piece or two in the main guest room is a smart move. And you should avoid having empty wall space or large sections of the home that look exactly the same as on non-holidays.

Poinsettias, handmade snowflakes, tinsel on the picture frames, doors decked out in wrapping paper, bows, and ribbons, and festive space rugs are just a few of the many ideas to explore.

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