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By December 18, 2017June 18th, 2019New Construction

Building a new construction home is a journey and if you pick the right construction company it can be an extremely fun and fulfilling process. That’s why it is so important to us at Experience Homes to make the home building process a positive experience. Building a new home from the ground up doesn’t have to be intimidating, so we are giving you a month-by-month roadmap of the building journey. Last month we walked you through constructing the basic skeleton of your new home. The framework is up and your new home is actually starting to look like a home now!

By this time in the process the sheet rock and exterior brick has been delivered and any duct or electrical work that was not completed during the last month will be in place during this time period. Work is also beginning on the interior insulation. We select insulation that is rated for its thermal performance or R-value, which is an indicator of how well the material resists heat transfer. This is also the time where much of the sealing and caulking work is taking place.

Once all the electrical, plumbing, ductwork, and insulation has been installed and thoroughly inspected it is time to begin putting up the sheet rock also known as drywall and the interior textures. First, the drywall is hung throughout the structure. This is the time where the house really starts taking on the shape of a home. Rooms are separated and divided and you can see the visual effect of each and every space in the house. After the drywall is hung, it is taped so that the seams between the boards are no longer visible. Depending on preferences, any drywall texturing that needs to be done will also take place during this time. A primer coat of paint will be applied to the drywall once all the taping work is complete.

While there is a lot of work going on inside your new home, the exterior is also undergoing a transformation of its own. Depending on the weather now is about the time that work is ramping up on exterior finishes like brick or stone. Work may be taking place on the driveways, patios, and walkways as well.

Owning a new home doesn’t have to be out of your reach. There are so many more options than ever before when it comes to financing and designing the home you have always dreamed of for your family. We can help you find financing and even trade-in your old home towards a brand new construction home. There is no hassle, no pressure, no realtors and no hidden fees! Are you ready to consider your new home construction options? Come explore your options with us and be sure to check back in January for month 5 of the home building process!

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