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Top 5 Design Trends for 2022

By January 4, 2022February 4th, 2022New Construction

Top 5 Design Trends for 2022

Home designs change with time. Currently, people prefer home designs that portray their personalities and tastes.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the working environment from offices to homes. As a result, homeowners had to adjust their home space to accommodate them while they worked. It will contribute to many people changing their home’s design in 2022.

If looking for an ideal trending design for your home that will meet all your needs, continue reading this article. You will have insight into the best design trends you can choose for your home. They include the following;

  1. Colors and Paint Colors

One of the main ways homeowners are changing the look of their homes is by applying a coat of quality paint and different colors. Designers in 2022 will make homes look calm by painting calming colors, such as neutrals or green.

Muddled jewel and brown-toned grays will continue being used in 2022 design trends because of their quiet inspiration and calmness. That’s why they suit rooms such as a home library, study room, bedrooms, and sitting rooms.

You will also find them in other areas requiring your resting states, such as the kitchen, entry halls, and breakfast rooms.

Creamy whites offer comfort in the bedrooms or living rooms.

Terracotta is also a trending color. Designers love the beautiful, alluring dirt color that calms. Ideal places to paint them are areas most people visit, such as kitchens and libraries.

  1. Interior Design

Another design trend to see in 2022 is the biophilic designs. Designers will bring the outside into the interior space using natural colors, materials, and plants. Currently, they are the critical consideration and are expected to rock in 2022.

Also, a good number of home designs consist of a home office. It used to be a luxury for most people before the pandemic, but it’s now a necessity. You are likely to see many homes with home offices in 2022. 

Such designs will integrate biophilic designs to bring the feeling and ambiance of nature to the interior as people spend time indoors amid a lingering pandemic.

  1. Curved Design

In the past, architecture and furniture designs used geometrical and angular shapes. But recent design trends have replaced them with curved lines, which are softer and wavier. That’s why you’ll see much of curved designs in 2022.close up of bath tub

Most furniture collections like coaches and tables will consist of curved or round lines, while certain rooms will have curved walls. The curved design looks classy and pleasing to the eyes. They are also more calming and intriguing than the straight or sharp-angled walls or furniture.

  1. Fixtures

Home fixtures attribute to the look of a home. They also have their functions in each space. 

Designers today are considering up-to-date fixtures with multiple functions. They are also looking at their durability and cost.

The 2022 design trends will feature unique, elegant fixtures that blend well with the interior décor. You will also see a mix of traditional and modern fixtures for those who love the old touch in their homes.

  1. Décor

Currently, most people are conscious of their environment and appreciate what it offers. We will see more nature inspired wallpapers and surfaces with exotic fauna and flora.

Some designers in 2022 will use décor that releases no or little carbon into the air to safeguard the environment. Additionally,


Design trends for 2022 are many. The list discussed above is part of the long list.

Make your living space favorable for your stay by establishing your statement through any of the above design trends. It will make your home more comfortable and relaxing. There’s nowhere else you’ll want to be in 2022 other than in your home if it accommodates your taste and personality! If you’re looking to build a gorgeous home with professionals who know design and take the time to get to know your specific tastes and desires, contact us at Experience Homes today!