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What is a Home Trade-In?

By June 18, 2017June 18th, 2019Home Trade In

If you’ve gone through the process of buying a new home, you already know how stressful the whole ordeal can be. You may need to get into a new home but aren’t jumping at the idea of going through the process again.

First come the questions:

  • Should we list our current home or wait until we find our new home?
  • How much time will we have to move once we find a place?
  • Will I be stuck paying two mortgages?
  • Do I need to find a rental property to live in?”

You want to take advantage of low interest rates before they creep up again. Unfortunately, you probably feel stuck.
When you’re trying to buy and sell at the same time you are at the mercy of the market and potential buyers. You could be waiting months to get a bite on your existing home.

When buying a home it’s location, location, location! When trying to sell your home it’s timing, timing, timing!

Thankfully, we live in a marketplace of choice. Traditional home buying methods aren’t the only options anymore. Home trade-in programs are on the rise because these programs take the hassle out of buying a new home.

The trade up process is straightforward and less complicated than you may think. So if you’re ready to trade up into something new, how do you start?

It all begins with a short meeting with our team to determine what will be the right fit for you.

After that, we will pay for an appraisal of your current home to determine its value. Once an appraiser places a value on your home, the fun begins!

You have the opportunity to pick out your new dream home and watch as it takes shape. Once construction on your new home is complete, we’ll buy your existing home. You can move at your own pace.

The home trade in program offers you peace of mind and gives buyers a greater sense of certainty.

Remove obstacles, reduce stress, and find yourself in a home that fits your family’s needs.

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