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By November 12, 2017December 9th, 2019New Construction

Building a new home from the ground up doesn’t have to be an intimidating process, in fact it is a journey that can yield some amazing results and give you a home in which to build a lifetime of memories. That is, if you choose the right builder for your needs. At Experience Homes we want you to have a positive home building experience and are offering this roadmap through the entire home building process. Last month was all about building a solid foundation… and then waiting for it to cure. This month, with the slab poured and set we can start work laying out the skeleton of your new home.

With the slab in place and properly cured and the lumber delivered we can begin the process of framing the house. Work begins on the floors, walls, and roof creating the basic framework of the project. As the framing of the house progresses you will start to see the layout of your home unfold. At this stage of the process it is important to remember not to panic! A number of people will look at their home at this stage and think the house seems too small, it’s not, it’s just an illusion.

Next, plywood or sheathing is added to the exterior walls. Depending on the climate and time of year that construction is taking place, that sheathing may be covered with a protective barrier in order to seal off the elements from the interior structures of the home. This helps prevent water damage, mold, and rot. Work will also be starting on the roof, windows, and exterior doors.

Next the “heart and lungs” of the house are installed, meaning the heating and cooling systems. The ductworks for these systems are being put in place and HVAC vent pipes are installed through the roof. That’s not the only major change happening inside your new home, plumbing lines and electrical systems are also being worked on at this time. Teams are laying pipes and running wires through the interior walls, ceilings, and floors. Work is also being done on sewer lines, vents, and other water supply lines for fixtures.

During this time an electrician may also begin installing the receptacles for outlets, and running wires from the breaker panel to each receptacle. Wiring for telephones and cable TV may also be taking place.

Keep in mind that throughout this process inspections will be commonplace so the city or county in which the home is being built can ensure that all work is up to code. Rough framing, plumbing, and electrical systems must all be inspected for compliance.

The guts of the home are really starting to take shape at this point and your home is starting to look a little more like a house, rather than just a plot of land with some concrete on top of it!

The dream of homeownership doesn’t have to stay a dream, it can be a reality that we can help you achieve. There are now more options than ever before designed to help growing families get into a new home. We can help you find financing and even trade-in your old home towards a brand new construction home. No hassle, no pressure, no realtors or hidden fees. Come explore your options with us and be sure to check back in December for month 4 of the home building process!